The Meal

The Meal Image Credit - Du00e1vid Bencz on The first flicker of sunlight forced his face to crease in happiness for the first time after 10 days of continuous overcast cold.  The cold creepiness was still waiting, looking behind, but when the sun decided to finally shine with all its might, it had to … Continue reading The Meal

10 Dollars

Image Credit - Natasha Chebanoo on With bulging pockets and a fat purse, his feet tapped the floor with musical rhythm.  Everything seemed cheap and affordable. The eyes reluctant to even glance at the expensive store in the mall were now searching for it. The sprightly feet excited to reach there quickly. The gates … Continue reading 10 Dollars

The Bounty Hunter

Image Credit - on The last turn took him to the lonely trail flanked with large trees competing to tower over each other. He walked cautiously in the dark; the torchlight flickering with every step forward. A gust of cold breeze suddenly blew away his hat, orphaning the bald pate to negotiate the … Continue reading The Bounty Hunter